2014 - Mexican Audit on Parlamentary Transparency by Alianza para el Parlamento Abierto

The report entitled “Diagnosis of Open Parliament in Mexico” presents the results of an assessment of active transparency conducted in the 31 State legislatures, in the Legislative Assembly of the Federal District and in the Chamber of Deputies and in the Senate of the Federal Congress. This diagnosis was undertaken by the Alliance for Open Parliament (APA), constituted by twelve civil society organizations. For the assessment, 10 principles and 95 variables relevant to open parliament were considered. The process of defining the variables as well as the collection and revision of the data were executed between May and December of 2014, and the report was published in April of 2015. 
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Right to information: 84%, Accessibility: 59.8%, Parliamentary info.: 57.8%, Historical info.: 50%, Participation and accountability: 39.7%, Legislator and staff info: 37.2%, budgetary and administrative information: 23.5%, conflict of interest: 16%
Latin America - Caribbean
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Alianza para el Parlamento Abierto
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In order to complete this assessment, the participating organizations collectively developed a methodology which includes ten Principles of Open Parliament, the same which were evaluated through 95 variables considered as basic. For each one of the variables measured, a value of 0 (zero) was attributed if the legislative institution did not comply with the variable and 1 (one) if it did. The main source of data were the web pages of the legislative institutions, but their regulatory framework was also reviewed, and in some cases observations were undertaken in situ. 

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